Parc 22, centralt i Palma, Mallorca. Trädgård och takterrass i hjärtat av Palma. Pågående projekt, under byggnation.

Parc 22, in the heart of Palma, Mallorca. Together with property developer Besuto Homes, we are creating unique living spaces and beautiful gardens, with respect for the rich design heritage of the Balearic Islands. Besuto Homes create homes within the framework of ‘biophilic design’, where the natural environment is considered in every interior and exterior detail – living spaces to connect more with nature which in turn improves creativity and well-being. Besuto in Japanese means ‘best’. The aesthetic direction behind Besuto’s homes and gardens is influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese design ethos. Stay tuned for our first project in Palma coming soon!

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Besuto Homes, Parc 22

Besuto Homes, Parc 22

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