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Scandi People - Annika Zetterman | Nordic House Magazine | Summer 2021

What’s hiding behind birches and pine trees? It’s fantastic to continue sharing news and views about New Nordic Gardens! In the latest summer issue of Nordic House, Life & Style, I talk about what makes a New Nordic Garden, the impact of nature, I mention key features and how to create a Scandi atmosphere in the space. Thank you for a a lovely chat Jennifer Morgan (freelance Editor), highlighting our New Nordic Gardens. For all Scandi fans, the article and much more on Scandi style can be found here:

You can read the article here:
Nordic House Life & Style

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian designer meets Besuto Homes in a Japandi bonanza | Majorca Daily Bulletin | April 2021

Very grateful to discuss the concept 'Japandi' and the beautiful garden created with Besuto Homes, in Mallorca, in the Sunday issue of Majorca Daily Bulletin. 'Japandi' combines modern Scandinavian design with the elegance of Japanese aesthetics, to create a hybrid-style with the best of both movements.

Annika says – “I find the concept Japandi rather liberating, the equivalent of saying something is inspired or influenced by Japan and Scandinavia, with respect, and not to compare, to a genuine Japanese garden, that holds deep meaning, carry history and which only a designer with a deep understanding of Japan would be able to create. Japan is a fascinating country and I admire their gardens and architecture. I have visited Japan on several occasions, witnessed the Sakura in spring, been hiking up Mt Fuji among the clouds, singing karaoke in bars in Tokyo. The new impressions never stop when visiting Japan, and I have been met by kindness repeatedly. I am taken by their attention to detail, the respect of material and the close relationship to nature. It is important to say that there is a lot that Japan and Scandinavia don’t have in common, and in much we are far apart. In my mind, I believe one strong common ground, reflected in Japandi, springs from to live comfortably close to nature.”

Besuto is the Japanese word for ‘Best’. For each of our projects, Besuto Homes aim is to create exceptional homes and collaborate with the best within each field. "Annika’s Scandinavian design ethos met our brief exactly. With her expertise we are creating a unique Japandi concept home."

Thank you Majorca Daily Bulletin for an interesting article, and highlighting my collaboration with Besuto Homes.

Scandinavian style

Spring has Sprung | Sunday Express | April 2021

Spring has sprung, as the book 'New Nordic Gardens' is reviewed in Sunday Express, UK:

"Although we have long celebrated the stylish interiors of Scandinavia, here the most inspiring gardens of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland take centre stage. Scandinavian gardens seek to be natural and sustainable, striving for simplicity and drawing on their nations' celebrated design history. Tailored to survive in varied weather and long winters, these are supremely smart, minimal gardens where ornamental grasses provide structure and contrast beautifully with elegant blooms in muted palettes. Annika shares and abundance of modern ideas that will work a treat in our own climate."

Grateful for all positive feedback and attention our New Scandinavian gardens get. Thank you kindly, Sunday Express!

Scandinavian style

New Nordic Gardens, Scandinavian Landscape Design | Thames & Hudson | Feb 2021

This richly illustrated volume presents the best Scandinavian gardens to have been produced over the past ten years. Organized by themes that encapsulate the special ambience and lifestyle of the Scandinavian landscapes and lifestyles—Simplicity, Silence, Fragility, Nakedness, Attunement, Boldness, Openness, and Care—each garden is extensively illustrated and accompanied by text noting its unique attractions and the qualities that make it an exemplar of Nordic design. The timelessness of Nordic design has proven itself around the world for many decades, and this volume shows how the quality of its gardens and landscapes follows suit, providing inspiration for all climes.


Five styles from around the world: Scandinavian style | Outdoor Living (Australia) | Feb 2020

How about a flavour of Scandinavian garden design in an Australian garden!? It's with great excitment that I share my views of today's gardens of the Nordics in the latest issue of the lifestlye magazine Outdoor Living (issue 46). Hopefully inspiring to those of you fond of Scandinavian style or keen to find out the secretes and how to work magic with your own garden. Happy reading!

Outdoor Living magazine

Att fånga trädgårdsinspiration ifrån världens hörn - vi har alla olika möjlighet att resa se andra delar av världen med egna ögon, och några av oss uppskattar en viss stil och formgivning som inte ligger nära ideal i det land vi bor i. I livsstils-tidningen Outdoor Living delar jag med mig av en inblick i samtida Skandinaviska trädgårdar till alla som beundrar Skandinavisk trädgårdsdesign eller vill få mer inspiration om hur den egna trädgården i Australien kan få en touch av Nordiskt landskap.


Svensk Trädgårdsarkitektur | onzeeigen TUIN (the Netherlands) | Feb 2020

It's with great pleasure that I share my views on Swedish gardens of today in the latest issue of dutch garden magazine onzeeigen TUIN. The article features great examples of landscape design and architecture of public landscapes and private outdoor spaces in different parts of Sweden, with focus on aesthetics as well as environmental and sustainable solutions.

onzeeigen TUIN magazine

Det är med glädje som jag delar min syn på samtida trädgårdar i det senaste numret och den holländska trädgårdstidningen onzeeigen TUIN. I artikeln skrivs om framstående landskapsarkitektur i Sverige av offentliga landskap såväl som formgivning av privata trädgårdar, där olika exempel visas av estetik, miljö och hållbarhet.

Garden Designer Visit: Annika Zetterman’s Ode to the Swedish Coast

Annika Zetterman’s Ode to the Swedish Coast | GARDENISTA | April 2018

Väldigt glad att Gardenista i USA har valt att skriva en arikel om en av de trädgårdar som jag har skapat på Värmdö, en pittoresk, trivsam och levande plats nära havet. Vill du veta mer om denna "lovsång till en trädgård längs Svergies kust" eller få inspiration, följ länken nedan!
Swedish garden designer Annika Zetterman, author of New Nordic Gardens, brings to life gardens that seamlessly extend the natural Swedish landscape. For clients on the island of Värmdö in the Stockholm Archipelago, Annika took inspiration from the sea, the surrounding vegetation, and even New England.

Garden Designer Visit: Annika Zetterman’s Ode to the Swedish Coast

New Nordic Gardens- Nyt Nordisk Havedesign

Vårens trädgårdsbok - Nyt Nordisk Havedesign | Gyldendal | Mars 2018

Som ett glädjande vårtecken finns nu boken 'New Nordic Gardens' även på danska för alla dansktalande trädgårds- och design-entusiaster. Stort tack till förlaget Gyldendal och trevlig läsning till alla som läser boken! Nedan är några recensioner av boken på engelska.

'Sheds light on simple, stylish gardens across the North Sea' - Daily Telegraph

'A journey demonstrating clearly all that is fresh and innovative in Nordic gardens' - Reckless Gardener

This beautifully illustrated book serves as an informative guide to the principles and techniques of contemporary Scandinavian garden design. The author has a keen sensitivity to the natural elements of the landscape, especially light and stone. This is a coffee table–worthy lookbook brimming with ideas and aesthetic integrity. It will stimulate possibilities for gardens well below the northern reaches of the Scandinavian latitudes. - Publishers Weekly

After flipping through Annika Zetterman's New Nordic Gardens, we welcome the Nordic storm. - Better Homes & Gardens


Mycket nytt och spår av gammalt - fusionsträdgård | Terassi | Nummer 2 2017

Inpireras av en trädgård där nya grepp möter gammal historia i en familjeträdgård i Saltsjö Duvnäs i senaste numret av finska trädgårds- och livsstilstidningen "Terassi".

New Nordic Gardens, Scandinavian Landscape Design, Scandinavian garden design book, Scandinavian Landscape design

New Nordic Gardens - Scandinavian Landscape Design | Thames & Hudson | Mars 2017

Vårens trädgårdsbok 2017! Jag är stolt att presentera en bok som ger inspiration ifrån enastående samtida trädgårdar formgivna av arkitekter och designers ifrån Sverige, Danmark, Norge, Finland och Island. En bok som förklarar värdet av din trädgård, och ger ideér till hur du tar tillvara på trädgården med bästa intentioner, med stolthet och ödmjukhet. Boken finns att köpa på bland annat Akademibokhandeln, Adlibris och NK i Sverige. Läs mer om boken här

I am pround to present the first overview of contemporary gardens in Scandinavia, looking at gardens from our perspective in the north in modern times. To quote my last words from the introduction page: “The gardens that we create stay with us for decades to come and should therefore enchant us from the start. They should help us, our wildlife and our wider environment to thrive. They should be designed with dignity and worked on with modesty and maintained with persistence. This is how we think, how we work and this is what we are.” I hope that the book will provide inspiration and contribute to new ideas but also create an understanding of the importance of gardens, that we create longlasting imprints with the very best intentions, and how to best cultivate our soil with respect for our past and for a sustainable future.

Words by publisher Thames & Hudson:
Few people have difficulty conjuring images of modern Scandinavian design, whose influence over the past century has reached around the world. More difficult for many is imagining the quiet landscapes of the Nordic countries, which range from the flatlands of Denmark to the dramatic mountains and fjords of Norway. These majestic environments, combined with long summer days and light-poor winters, raking light and dense birch forests, have given rise to exceptionally refined examples of garden and landscape design. The Nordic countries are famed for their modern design and architecture, but their garden and landscape design have been overlooked – until now. New Nordic Gardens presents the best gardens to have been produced in the region over the past ten years through a practitioner’s eyes. Organized by themes that encapsulate the special ambience and lifestyle of the Scandinavian countries – Simplicity, Silence, Fragility, Nakedness, Attunement, Boldness, Openness and Care – each garden is presented through images and texts explaining its unique aspects and describing its particularly Scandinavian characteristics. The timelessness of Nordic design has proven itself around the world for many decades. Now it is time for the quality of its gardens and landscapes to come into the light. Arranged to provide maximum inspiration, not just for northern climes but for temperate environments around the world, New Nordic Gardens brings the beauty of Scandinavian landscape design to designers and gardeners all over the globe.

The book will be avaliable from March 2nd in Europe and 11th of April worldwide.
ISBN: 978 0 500 519455

Hemnet, dröm dig hem, köpa hus, göra om trädgård, Linda lampenius, gröna fingrar

Dröm Dig Hem | Hemnet | Juli 2016

"Linda Lampenius får gröna fingrar". En trädgård i Bromma får ett nytt liv, som samspelar med idyllen och arkitekturen. Lantligt möter klassiskt. Hur det gick till och hur resultatet blev ser du här

Terassi magazine, garden design magazine, Finland, Scandinavia

Urban takterrass i Stockholm city | Terassi | Nummer 3 2015

Tips på inredning och viktiga saker att tänka på vid formgivning av en takterrass i Stockholm i senaste numret av finska tidningen "Terassi".


Vatten möter sand och stål | Terassi | Nummer 2 2015

Inpireras av en sjönära trädgård i söderläge och få tips om hur du bäst gestaltar en trädgård som utmanas av stark sol och salta stänk i senaste numret av finska tidningen "Terassi".

Lifestyle Home and Country Trädgårdsreportage

Sköna Höstträdgård | Lifestyle Home & Country | Nummer 4 2014

Högt belägen vilar den här trädgården på en terrass med underbar utsikt - en fantastisk plats en tidig höstdag, när havets vattenspegling fångas upp i de blå salviorna, nävorna och blåklockorna.

Tidningen finns nu ute i butik

Lifestyle Home and Country Trädgårdsreportage

Det Gröna Rummet | Lifestyle Home & Country | Nummer 1 2014

Hon har ett logiskt tänkande, konstnärlig talang och de grönaste av fingrar. Hon hittar de praktiska lösningarna och de unika blickfången. Möt Annika Zetterman, som har yrket som blir mer och mer etablerat i Sverige för varje dag som går - trädgårdsdesigner.

Artikel om Trädgårdsdesign - Naturliga Plantering, Möte med en trädgårdsdesigner

Möte med en trädgårdsdesigner | Vårt Nya Hus | Nummer 4 2012

Vill du få trädgården fin, men vet inte riktigt hur? Eller har du tusen idéer, men vet inte säkert om de kommer fungera i praktiken? Vi kan alla - oavsett vilken grön nyans våra fingrar har - ha nytta av en trädgårdsdesigner. Vi har träffat Annika Zetterman som designat trädgårdar i både Sverige och England...

Ny trädgårdsarkitektbok - garden within Walls

Inner-City Tropical Retreat | gardens within Walls | September 2012

Väl undangömt bakom höga murar och byggnader finns gröna oaser att hitta världen över. Imponerande privata innergårdar gestaltade av kända arkitekter, trädgårds- och landskapsarkitekter från fem kontinenter finns presenterade i denna bok. Under avsnittet Europa visas en trädgård designad av Annika Zetterman.

Boken finns att köpas på och
ISBN 978-3-8404-7515-3

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