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Zetterman Garden Design creates inspiring gardens and landscapes with integrity and quality, through a strong Scandinavian design ethos. Simplicity, functionality and delicacy are central words in our creations. Gardens are always cared for, to be in harmony with the surrounding landscape, and to have a clear connection to the architecture of the property. We value gardens and landscape as one of the most important spaces for people to thrive, and always plan gardens as an integrated part of a sustainable future.

Our work ranges from intimate urban gardens to spectacular landscapes in the country, from residential gardens and commercial outdoor spaces. We carry out work in Scandinavia, as well as overseas, with projects in Spain, UK, Switzerland and France to name a few.

Our work throughout Sweden spans over a vast geographical area; from coastal regions in archipelagos, to forestry countryside, to sandy soils in the south, from rural country gardens to urban cityscapes. Working with sometimes harsh environments and distinct seasonal changes, we have extensive knowledge and sensitivity to how gardens change over time and the complexity of seasonal impact, to create inspiring long-lasting gardens.

The design ethos that guides out practice, characterized by functionality and simplicity follows though both in the hard and soft landscaping. Zetterman Garden Design works closely with a network of professionals; architects, property developers, nurseries, craftsmen and artists, with the vision to create sustainable landscapes, with a positive contribution to future generations.

We look forward to many more exciting opportunities in Scandinavia as well as overseas, for a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing future. Requests from all over the world are welcome.
Zetterman Garden Design AB formger inspirerande och eleganta trädgårdar och utomhusmiljöer med fokus på estetik och kvalitet

Award winning practice

Zetterman Garden Design is an award winning practice, honoured with a Silver Award in the 2020 APLD International Landscape Design Awards program, in the USA. The program honours excellence in landscape design by recognizing individual landscape designers and their projects. Projects are judged on the basis of difficulty, craftsmanship, attention to detail and execution, with judging criteria on project creativity, technical merit, plant design and overall design.

Annika Zetterman

Annika Zetterman is the founder and designer at Zetterman Garden Design, creating gardens with Scandinavian ethos throughout the Nordics and beyond, with projects in Sweden, Spain, France, Switzerland and in the UK. She arrived back to her homeland, Stockholm, Sweden 2010, after living abroad, in Hawaii, USA and 10 years in London, UK.

Annika is the author of the book ‘New Nordic Garden, Scandinavian Landscape Design’ published in 2017 and in 2021 (Thames & Hudson), with a Danish translation 2018. Her projects have been featured in books and publications, nationally as well as internationally. Annika was teaching garden design in Stockholm for seven years and lectures on the subject both in Sweden and abroad.

Annika holds a Bachelor of Science degree in media engineering and was working in creative industries before her Diploma in Garden Design at the English Gardening School, Chelsea Physic Garden, London's oldest botanical garden. She gained extensive knowledge in the field of garden design by working alongside leading industry specialists, garden designers and landscape architects in the early years.

Annika is driven by creating aesthetically pleasing and sustainable expressions, with respect to surrounding landscapes and architecture, while maintaining a positive contribution to future generations and to the Scandinavian design heritage.

Prior to setting up her design practice, Annika was working as senior designer for a company specializing in designing roof gardens. Annika has also been assisting leading garden designers at Chelsea Flower Show in the UK, the world famous garden event and celebration to first class garden design and horticulture.

Drawing comes naturally to Annika, something she has done for as long as she can remember. In addition to her creative background, Annika has been studying Fine art studies at Honolulu Academy of Arts, USA as well as painting studies at Kensington and Chelsea College, UK.

“Gardens and landscapes can be breathtakingly beautiful and exciting, constantly changing character and display endless colour and life if you let them. My aim is to help you find the right solution for your desires and requirements to produce a coherent, unique design. With my trained eye I see details, interlinking patterns as well as the spaces as a solid unit. I face every garden and challenge with enthusiasm and excitement and give your garden all the attention that it deserves to bring out the best.”

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