The Timelessness of New Nordic Gardens

Natural Planting

International Freising Garden Fair

A glimpse into the new Swedish garden scene will be given by Annika Zetterman, with her talk entitled ”The Timelessness of New Nordic Gardens”. The Europe-wide working garden designer is also the author of the book ”New Nordic Gardens – Scandinavian Landscape Design”.

This year the fair will be dedicated to Sweden and its great landscapes and gardens. Long-time there has been exchange between Sweden and Germany in the field of horticulture and garden design. This broke off during World War II, but was intensified again in the early 1990s. Modern Swedish design is well known, appreciated and has an excellent reputation worldwide. Swedish garden design is less well-known but by no means less significant and influential and is characterized by great creativity and innovation. Therefore, I am particularly pleased that I was able to get Ulf Nordfjell, the award-winning star of modern Swedish landscape architecture, the popular landscape architect and author Annika Zetterman, and Peter Korn, the influential and internationally known speaker and plantsman from Eskilsby, to give talks at our Fair. With these three outstanding experts we are offering a special program that will bring us and our visitors closer to the beauty and richness of Swedish landscapes, gardens and parks, as well as to Swedish garden and plant passion.