Annika Zetterman

Annika Zetterman

Annika Zetterman is a Swedish garden designer and writer.
Her work is characterized by sensitivity to natural materials, with a design approach where the natural landscape is reflected and interpreted in the arranged space. She has deep understanding of horticulture and masters reading the natural light, which plays an important role in Scandinavia.

“Design your garden with the impression of the house, garden and nature as a chain reaction. Appreciate your heritage, admire your surrounding and care for materials, and you will feel the power your garden gives you in return, and so will the wider environment.”

Annika holds a B.Sc. in media engineering and was working in creative industries before gaining a Diploma in Garden Design at the English Gardening School, London. Drawing comes naturally to Annika, and her background also includes Fine Arts studies.

Annika is the author of the book ‘New Nordic Garden, Scandinavian Landscape Design’ published in 2017 (Thames & Hudson), reprinted in 2021 and 2023, along with a Danish edition published spring 2018. Annika was teaching garden design in Stockholm 2010-17 and lectures on the subject both in Sweden and abroad. Her projects have been featured in books and publications nationally as well as internationally.

Annika Zetterman - Landscape Designer

Zetterman Garden Design

Zetterman Garden Design creates inspiring garden and landscapes with integrity and quality. Simplicity, functionality and delicacy are central words in Annika’s work. Gardens are created to be in harmony with the surrounding landscape and connect to art and architecture, to care for humans as well as wildlife.

Zetterman Garden Design was rewarded a Silver Award in 2020 by the APLD International Landscape Design Awards program, in the USA. The program honours excellence in landscape design by recognizing individual landscape designers and their projects. Projects are judged on the basis of difficulty, craftsmanship, attention to detail and execution, with judging criteria on project creativity, technical merit, plant design and overall design.

Zetterman Garden Design covers interesting geographical areas from coastal regions to rural country. Working with sometimes harsh environments and distinct seasonal changes, Annika has a sensitive eye and approach to how gardens and landscapes changes over time, the complexity of seasonal impact and long lasting beauty.

Projektfas 1 | Ett personligt besök där vi diskuterar din trädgård. Jag ger idéer på utformning och vi har dialog kring era tankar. Diskussion av materialval, växter, avgifter och tidsramar.


Projektfas 2 | Ett avtal upprättas och designprocessen påbörjas. Analys, uppmätning och förberedelser för att designa trädgården utförs.


Projektfas 3 | Markplaneringsritningar; Layoutritning, planteringsritning och belysningsritning av din trädgård skapas skalenligt i ett CAD-program. Ritningarna går vi grundligt igenom tillsammans och gör eventuella ändringar tills du är nöjd.

Projektfas 4 | Anläggning av din trädgård påbörjas. Eventuella ytterligare detaljritningar och specifikationer skapas. Om så överenskommet förs en kontinuerlig dialog mellan anläggningsföretaget och Zetterman Garden Design, för att säkerställa att uppbyggnad leder till överenskommen design och specificerade detaljer. Då anläggningsarbetet närmar sitt slut beställs, levereras och planteras växter enligt ritning.


Projektfas 5 | Din nya trädgård står klar att njuta av! Diskussion av etablering. Aktörer inom trädgårdsskötsel anlitas efter behov.