New Iconic Gardens – London College of Garden Design

New Iconic Gardens, London College of Garden Design

It was a true pleasure to be invited by The London College of Garden Design this autumn, and to share views from the Nordics and Wij Gardens. This info series was a journey of NEW ICONIC GARDENS, where six leading international designers explored gardens that we will still be talking about in 20 years time.


Each speaker championed a garden, explored their choice, how the garden inspires them, and why they think we’ll still be talking about their choice of garden in 2042.


This years designers were:


Alexa Ryan-Mills – UK

Susan Cohan – USA

Annika Zetterman – Sweden

Ben Hoyle – New Zealand

Brent Reid – Victoria, Australia

Nigel Dunnett – UK


Thank you, everyone, who listened and for your valuable feedback – it’s wonderful to hear these sessions inspire both designers and students, to bring out the the best, for a bright future ahead, and to be advocates for our sensitive and irreplaceable gardens, wildlife and landscapes.



The info Burst seasons raise money for horticultural charities in the UK and overseas.

Thank you for this great initiative and invitation, THE LONDON COLLEGE OF GARDEN DESIGN, UK and LCGD Melbourne