Capturing natural beauty in the Nordics

Annika Zetterman - Landscape Designer

Capturing natural beauty in the Nordics

2023, a fantastic year in the world of New Nordic Gardens 💚 

This year, our Scandinavian garden design approach reached new grounds with several projects overseas, as well as a range of gardens completed in the Nordics.

Your garden is your place to give back:
💚 To restore biodiversity
💚 To plant trees as oxygen producers
💚 To help endangered species
💚 Your health and food provider
💚 Your place to be curious, to reflect and to smile

We look forward to 2024 with great enthusiasm; to create and bring out the best of our gardens, with passion, integrity and elegance.

Thanks to everyone who’s been an essential part so far, spreading goodness all around!

May peace and joy stay with you during the holidays and cheers to a fresh, green and bright 2024! 💚